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What Tumblr Thinks of You.





Depending on how many of these you have, this is what Tumblr people will think of you.

White: You and your entire race deserve to suffer and starve to death.


White, Cis and Heterosexual (

you’re a fucking idiot


you’re define what’s “normal”. that it’s only normal to be a cishet white person. when i am a cis black lesbian. are you saying that I’m not normal? and that the only way for me to BE normal is by being a cishet white person? who are you to tell me that I’m not normal when I’m just as real, if not realer than you are.

And yet you come here and insult me like I said you would in my post, maybe a “Hey Mr. I think you’re wrong and here’s why” It would have given me a much better impression of you.

To tell you the truth, I always considered I shouldn’t have put that last “Normal” part in my post, it kinda ruins it (Still smart people could see past that and still got the joke despite that mistake, only a few people including you didn’t), but then again, mistakes, you learn from them.

The point is still proven thought, you’re all incapable of being reasonable individuals and come here spitting insults as if that makes your arguments valid. That is the whole point of the post and you just proved it.

Congratulations sjw, I’ll give you credit for actually replying with a very thoughtful and analitic answer thought, it shows some degree of intelligence above other sjw.


Literally though if you’re going to complain that truscum are better than anti-truscum, consider this:

I asked someone who’s truscum to unfollow me. They continue to harass me even though I made it clear that they make me uncomfortable. They have triggered my anxiety multiple…

Everyone on Tumblr do that…EVERYONE

"Unfollow me Plz"

Why? Is it too much work to click the “Ignore” Buttom? Is there some sort “Unspoken Rule” on Tumblr about dealing with these situations that I am not aware of?

patmolandcornedrue asked:

You know, special snowflakes almost started to convince me that what's important about you is your weak points, that those are the first things people should know about you. But that's totally wrong. What's important about you is who you are as a person and what you're passionate about. An about me page shouldn't be a laundry list of insecurities; if it's not something you wouldn't tell a new acquaintance IRL, let people learn about you by interacting with them organically.


In my opinion you should never show your weak points to anyone(I guess its okay for your significant other). But I believe if you show people your weak points they can and will use it against you. You should show people that you’re strong so that people aren’t going to take advantage of you. I agree with you, your about me page shouldn’t list all of the “illnesses” you have, should people care what you have? 9 times out of 10 they’re following you for your content and not for you. Let’s be honest, we all follow shitty people but we never unfollow them because they actual post good stuff, you know what I mean? You should only be comfortable telling the closest people to you about your illnesses anyways otherwise it makes it seem like you want special treatment. It’s like you meet a random person on the street, you say Hi and they go “I’M SEVERELY DEPRESSED WITH SOCIAL ANXIETY, SOMETIMES I CAN’T GET UP IN THE MORNING BTW I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD”. That’s not something you say in normal conversation, so why tell millions of strangers on the internet what you have? or what you think you have. -Mandy

What happens with that is that people are confusing Tumblr with Facebook, it’s the same thing like those cases of robbers tweeting abut their crimes, people have become SO used to to social media that they share everything…EVERYTHING online without realizing how dangerous that can be, the necesity to be unique and be threated as special is bigger than the common sense to not reveal personal information on the internet and that is pathetic.

People want to know how 4chan can easily bring Tumblr Snowflakes to its knees? Because the only thing they are missing is a carboard on their blog saying “PLEASE BULLY ME! HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO SO!”

And then when people do begin to mock them for those things they are surprised, makes you wonder how these people are in real life.

The Tumblr School of Winning Arguments (100% Success Rate)

Tumblr can teach you many different methods to win any kind of argument you find yourself into, just follow the one you prefer the most and you’ll ALWAYS win because……… ¿?

Remember a few points before using any of them: Use as many insults as you can, the more you insult your openent, the better, never show any source or proof for your arguments, they HAVE to believe what you say and if they don’t fuck them.

Here they are, the best methods to win anything in life.:


The Feminist Method: Scream “PATRIARCHY! RAPE CULTURE! INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY! RAAAAAAAAAAAAPEEEEEEEEEE!" As loud as you can even if it doesn’t make any sense in the context of your conversation, use of physical violence against your oponent is acceptable and encouraged by the Tumblr Feminist comunity.

The Cultural Appropriation Method: Just say “As a PoC I don’t need to explain to you why what you’re saying/doing offends me, you’re a white person so I don’t have to explain myself to you" even if you are invited to explain yourself and people give you the chance to make a point, refuse to make a point.

The Transgender/Queer Method: Be very agressive, defensive and insult your oponent claiming everything wrong in your life is their fault for being cis, blame cis for everything, even when your oponent is being the kindest and nicest person in the world, he is a cis, he deserves your hatred and has to die.

The “Supposedly Mental Disorder” Method: The most effective one, but ONLY use it when you’re definetely losing the argument, fake a panic attack and be VERY vocal and descriptive about it, you can also get very angry at your oponent saying that they suck for destroying your argument, and that because of it, there is now an increased chance you’ll grab a knife and slit your throat, the point is to guilt trip your oponent for being mean and an asshole for DARING to thinking you are capable of having a normal conversation despite your Mental Dissorder and not threat you as if you were special for it.


Use them and you’ll ALWAYS win no matter what.

Internalized Whatever = How Dare You Betray us? YOU SUCK!

Internalized Misogyny…

Internalized Racism…

Internalized Homophobia…

Internalized Transphobia…

What’s next? Internalized Ableism? Internalized Ageism? Internalized cisphobia? Come on people, they are not discriminating you, just because they share the same denomination as you doesn’t mean they are OBLIGATED to agree with you, maybe they find your ideas stupid, not worth their time or pointless.

This is just a way to silence your own people who disagree with you.

jaded-waltz asked:

only care about race when it comes to a character, which is not true. If you try hard enough you'll find PoC characters in the media, but they're normally one-dimensional, minor characters, or not very well-written. You're oversimplifying people if you really think it's an either/or kind of situation. Alternatively, if race doesn't matter, then why can't they just take some characters and splash some color on them? It shouldn't be a big deal to include well-written PoC in the first place. (3/3)

Can I have a link to those studies please? You should ALWAYS provide the source right away, not just throw it and expect people to just take it at face value, that doesn’t work with me, come with proof in hand, you’re trying to convience me aren’t you? I am not like other people, if you hand me conviencing evidence that what you say is true I have absolutely NO problem in backing my statement.

Also, can you please name me examples where PoC are one dimensional and missrepresented? Movies, Cartoons, TV series…anything you can mention I want to check it out myself.

Look I genuinely want to understand, so I am going to listen to whatever you have to say and tell me, be resourceful and bring me as much info as you can, I promise I’ll look all over it and if it convience me, I promise I’ll tell you.

jaded-waltz asked:

PoC children tended to have lower self-esteem than their white counterparts. So, representation DOES matter, because these kids don't deserve to feel worse for no reason. Also, are you conflating the media representation of PoC argument with cultural appropriation? How I feel about white people taking an interest in PoC is irrelevant, so I don't understand what point you're trying to make. And, of course characterization matters. You make it seem like people who want more PoC in the media (2/3)

jaded-waltz asked:

I meant in the context of media representation that there should be equal representation. If anything, what you said only further illustrates the disparity between reality and what we see on TV, since white people aren't the majority, yet they dominate our media. Also, it wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't have a negative impact on PoC. Studies have found a correlation between the amount of tv consumption and self-esteem levels of different groups of children, and found that (1/3)
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